Voltcom is an innovative, focused service delivery group comprising of three core business units:

Voltcom Construction a key Electrical Engineering Construction Company specialising in the delivery of Medium and High Voltage power line projects. As well as being a primary contractor we provide front-line services and asset management to central contracting arms within the industry.

QCAS is a managed system that enables companies with large teams of workers to track, communicate and manage their people, no matter where they are. It allows real time understanding of the training records of every individual, what they're authorised to do, what qualifications need updating or renewing, what special skills and abilities they have and if there are any areas for development that need to be addressed. As such, it has a massive contribution to make to every user's performance.


Part of Voltcom's range of services is 'Voltcom Construction', which caters for the power industry's needs for erection, wiring, refurbishment and dismantling of all types of overhead power-lines, all structures at all voltages.

Voltcom Construction has an impeccable and demonstrable Health & Safety record which is supported by its 18001 Health & Safety management system.

Voltcom Construction has expanded into access infrastructure in order to support its overhead line primary industry.

Environmental solutions are a forefront requirement and these considerations are managed and maintained within the Voltcom Group structure as a supporting element and innovation for Voltcom Construction.

Voltcom is committed to continuously improving its environmental performance, making it a key priority from the very earliest stages of design, through to the completion of the construction, commissioning and developing into future projects.

Voltcom acts as Principal Contractor operating under the requirements of CDM Regulations 2007 and has continued to expand its capability, contracting directly to Distribution Network Operators on both the distribution and transmission networks from live low voltage to EHV transmission, whilst maintaining a decisive sub-contracting role to the likes of Balfour Beatty, AMEC and Babcock International having worked on both overhead line National Grid Energy Alliances on EHV projects.

'QCAS' is a Global product, a revolutionary new tool for companies that require instant, real-time insight into the compliance status and to evaluate all its employees against a role profile. Our comprehensive solution has proved that harmonising the office/fieldworker devide does not have to be painfull, or even costly, with packages available for the smallest of contractors through to global franchises.

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